Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What? a new post from Haylee?


So, I was talking to Sheila on Friday and we were just shootin the breeze.. She told me that her and tony were driving up north the next day! (Heidi was already up there and was having a girls night on Saturday night, without me. i NEEDED to go up north) I was so shocked that she was going up so I invited myself to ride up with them. As we were pulling into Utah Valley Tony was talking about his favorite sandwich place.. Kneaders. He was just ranting and raving over it. So, I called up Heidi and Alexis and told them to meet me there cause that's where She and Tony were eating. They pulled up shortly after we did and we decided to just eat there too. We walked in and ordered and as we were ordering/paying I pulled out my wallet and saw my tickets that I got for Les Mis! (I got from heather the day before) So, I said to Heidi, "Do you work on Tuesday? i got TICKETS!" bummed out, she said, "yeah, i work... dangit!" The kid who was ringing us up said, "what do you have tickets for?" Heidi and i said, "oh, we're from St. George. It's for Les Miserables at a Theater down in st. George!... Tuacahn." He said, "oh yeah, i've heard of that place. That sounds fun!" I (not really thinking) said... "well, we have an EXTRA TICKET if you want to come down!" he lit up and said, "serious?" I said, "yeah, sure! (i guess... :) haha) so he said, "well, can i get your name and number and I'll call ya?" So he grabbed a paper that they wrap the sandwiches up in and a sharpie and i wrote my name and number down for him.. All his co-workers started laughing at us and I went and sat down.. She, tony, lex, and Heidi were all amazed at what had just happened. Not 10 minutes in Provo and Haylee's already given her number out?? CRAZY! So after we ate i went up to the kid and asked for his name and asked if he was seriously serious! I told him that he night need to fight my aunt for the ticket.. he said, "yeah, I'm serious.. if you're serious!" I was like. yeah, sure! come down! so.. the next day, Sunday, i got a call from CHRISTIAN. He wanted to get to know me a little better before he made the trip down to st. George. I didn't hear the phone so I ended up talking to him on Monday instead. Come to find out he served his mission with my friend's older brother.. and he's into musicals... match made in heaven? yeah.. We talked again on Tuesday to make sure everything was good to go and we chatted for a bit longer. Super nice and very talkative. He left work, Kneaders, at 4:30 and arrived in St. George at 7:45. We met at Wendy's and RUSHED over to Tuacahn. We met Mel, Heidi, Mom, and Sheila there. they all wanted to meet him and didn't want to turn down the opp. to see les mis!! So, we had PERFECT seats. (thanks heather) and had a great time. He'd NEVER seen les mis, so that was fun! After the play we came to my house and had some food and talked/laughed with mel, mom, and sheila. He's NOT a PB AT ALL! I took him back to Wendy's to get his car and he stayed at his missionary comp's house and left the next morning at 7 am to be to work at 11. quick trip all for me and les mis?? CRAZY! hahaha, i love spontaneity. we had a great time! hopefully there will be more posts about "Kneaders boy"... :)

I LOVE Tuacahn and the Red Rocks of St. George. It's beautiful. This is a picture I took to test out my new filter. :) Lovers STG.

Jenni Carroll is ENGAGED to my/our former co-worker's brother.

Another Successful FUG-LY party. Matt requested a "surprise fugly party" for his 16 birthday. We managed to pull it off... again. hahaha.. we had a great time!

I'm on SAA (Student Alumni Association) again this year and I love it! It's so fun for me to meet new people and be involved with the college. I love the people i work with and I have such a fun time when we get together.

Guess Who?! .... This is one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite people. -- Lex De Azevedo.

Two of my FAVORITE things-- Tuacahn and the Office. The new season of the Office starts tonight and I'm totally looking forward to it. -yay!