Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here's the Update

I have to apologize for how long it's taken me to post again..  i've been BUSY!  

Here's the update.
First of All, I love my friends Desi and Ashley.  They're CA-UTE!

I was driving home a few weeks ago and saw the logo I designed for Sure Design Landscaping.  I can't tell you how rewarding it is to see your stuff printed, and being in use.  It was an awesome feeling, I had to pull over and take a pic.

It was the "Great Race" for the college.  The SAA (Student Alumni Association) put a team together.  I had to ride the bike.. :)  It was fun.  This is our lovely team all pumped up for the race!  GO Student Alumni Association Domination.

That night, I hung out with Teri, my cute friend I met while working for Jason and Dionna.  We hung out with her friend, Kevin.  Kev's brother and friend came down from SLC and so I got to meet them for the first time...  needless to say, they are THE FUNNIEST people I have ever met.  This is Timmy (Tiny Tim), Me, and Andrew.  Andrew had a crush on me.. :)  haha.  I love funny people.

My best friend plays tennis for the Dixie State College tennis team.  She IS the best on her team.  :)  I love watching her play.  She's not only the best on the team, she's the cutest too.

Last weekend, my family and I took a drive over to the Grand Canyon.  We had a fun time singing, playing games, and laughing on on the way over.  When we were getting closer to the final destination, we all realized that we were getting kinda hungry.  We only brought a few nilla wafers, candy, and drinks.  SHOOT, we were up a creek.. we went to the part of the Grand Canyon that isn't ... populated? commercialized?  NO RESTAURANTS in sight.  As we were pulling up, we saw our cement guy that was just at our house the day before. We pulled over to chat with them and they said they were just on their way home.  They had a little picnic and stuff.. we all said, "You're the smart ones, we didn't even bring food!"  As we were talking, the man's wife hops in the back of their truck and gets their cooler full of sandwich stuff and gives it to my dad.  We weren't going to let them give us their stuff, but they insisted.  We felt just like the Grizwold family on a trip to the Grand Canyon..  SO TACKY.  However, we scored a lunch out of the deal!  haha, It was SO funny.  We had a fun time looking off the edge and taking pictures-- with full tummies.  Thanks for nice people who share, and tripods.  :)

Dave Glendenning got a Jeep and decked it out for Jimmy Johns.  Jimmy John loved it so much that he decided to make three more just like Daves and then give them away at the Jimmy John convention.  I took pictures for Jimmy and Dave.  I want one now..  aren't they awesome?

Friday was the Senior Luau, put on by the SAA.  There were 3 seniors that showed up..  Not the best turn out.  However, it was decorated pretty dang cute!  The council had more fun than the guests did.  The centerpieces were glass bowls with gold fish and pebbles in them.  We loved those fish!  They were definitely the focus of the evening.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life's Lessons.

If you know what's best for you--  don't LIE.  I do NOT tolerate liars.  Not under ANY circumstance.  Telling the truth is ALWAYS the best way to go.  NO QUESTION!

ALSO--  I can't handle people who ignore me.  If i call/text you, you better call/text back within 24 hours.  Especially if you know I need to talk to you.   And even MORE ESPECIALLY if you set up the "one minute" rule!  abide by your own rules.  One more thing: just pay the bill!

If you can't tell, i'm a little upset over two certain people in my life...

Lesson learned:  (1) don't fall for liars.
                      (2) don't become friends with your client.  

I feel life is too short to treat your "good friends" crappy.  (Can you tell i've had a bad month??)  I AM very grateful for the good people in my life who have been there to support me & help me through the not so fun times in life.  Thanks fam, des, and ash!  i loves you!